A trip of the senses… from far away

Convento Santa Croce is in the small picturesque village of Santa Anatolia di Narco, in Valnerina. It has 12 rooms, an arcade, an inner courtyard as well as a big garden and many other common areas. It is just what you’d expect from a XIII century convent: elegant yet austere, mysterious and evocative. Click down below to find out more about its history!


The stages of your trip

Valnerina perfectly embodies Umbria’s beauty: a place out of time that knows no rush. It is a land of ascetics and saints, a compendium of the art of living to the fullest. The nature that can be found here is luxuriant and balanced. The cuisine of Umbria is known internationally for its incredible tradition and quality. The region is also rich in festivals that celebrate its folklore.


Valnerina is the perfect location to enjoy breathtaking views whether you love nature or small and picturesque villages. If you are looking for peace and quiet among the gorgeous mountainous landscapes of Monti Sibillini or you fancy a walk among abbeys, retreats and medieval villages that exude tradition and history, Valnerina is the place for you!
Nature and rivers are the main characters of the valley… be sure to come and witness it with your own eyes!

Food and Wine

If you are a lover of good food and delicious wine, look no further than Valnerina. There is something for all tastes: from Pecorino cheese to Norcia’s famous Prosciutto I.G.P., from Spoleto’s D.O.P. spelt to Cascia’s saffron and many more.

Spirituality and events

Birthplace of Saint Benedict and Santa Rita, Valnerina attracts pilgrims from all over the world. Umbria isn’t only the perfect location for worshippers with the many religious celebrations that are held all year round, but also for those who enjoy music (Umbria Jazz in Perugia or Festival of the Two World in Spoleto), nature and flowers (Castelluccio’s Flowering, Spello’s Infiorata) or traditional, historical reenactments (Foligno’s Quintana or Gubbio’s Ceri).

Sports and activities

Valnerina is suitable for many outdoor sports that vary from kayaking or riverboarding to rafting and trekking, There are many parks around the area that can be visited and discovered with your family. Marmore Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in Europe, is surely a must-see as well as the Monti Sibillini National Park and the Nera River Park. For children and their families, two theme parks are the perfect day-out experience: Activo Park and Nahar Adventure Park. Finally, after days of walking or cycling around the Valnerina, what is best than hot springs? Umbria has them too: the relaxing Terme di Triponzo.

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